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Non-formal education and sports events projects

Be You, European Youth and Sport Association

Non-formal education and sports events projects

Be You is an apolitical, nongovernmental and non-profit organization founded in November 2015 by a diverse group of people regarding professional, social, ethnic and religious background, dynamic members with initiative spirit and experience in national and international youth projects. Be You promotes and supports the personal development of youth through non-formal education, national and international projects, workshops, seminars, training, volunteering, sport activities. Our association wishes to form and develop among youth European values, the sense of belonging to the European space and the desire to be active citizens in the society. 

We believe that the future of society lies in the potential for action and implication of youth. Our main goal is to offer young people the opportunity to be active in society. We motivate youth to valorise and develop their talents and skills, to gain knowledge, new skills for a better integration.

Briefly the goal of Be You is:

  • To involve youth in non-formal education on a variety of topics through national and international projects, workshops, seminars, trainings, volunteering;
  • To promote among youth active involvement in society, democratic participation and active citizenship;
  • To promote participation in democratic life, to promote European values and European citizenship;
  • To develop the civil society and to encourage the active participation of youth in the social process;
  • To implement activities which support and promote the human and youth rights;
  • To support social inclusion of young people, especially of young people with fewer opportunities, promoting equal opportunities and access, diversity and fairness in all our activities;
  • To support positive behavioral changes among young people in personal preferences, consumption habits and lifestyles for the transition to sustainable development and care for the environment;
  • To support the development of digital skills of young people, to develop creative digital non-formal tools supporting the transition to digitalization;
  • To support youth to choose the suitable form of education in order to develop a carrier and to obtain financial independence;

Be you, believe in yourself!

Our team is growing constantly. Be You is open to all who wish to actively participate in achieving our goals.

The Board of Be You Association is composed of:

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