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Donate today – release the spirit of philanthropy

All we are doing is possible only with your support, thanks to your philanthropic spirit we are organizing each event.

The civic spirit, the social responsibility, the care for the community, the interest in youth development are attributes that describe you and give us power and motivation to continue in developing new projects, to build step by step a new generation who lead to a better, a more involved and honest society wishful to the sustainable development of the community, the country – a society based on European values.

We thanks everyone who sustains us: simple people who support us through direct donations, companies which are sponsoring our activities, the partner ONGs from the whole world next to whom we are developing projects. These projects give the chance of Romanian young people to open new horizons learning, meeting new cultures, visiting new countries, making friends from all around the world, coming back with enlarged knowledge, being more prepared to make changes around them. Also, we thank partner institutions that understand that unity gives us power for action increasing the positive impact in society.

With your help, until now we initiated and developed activities related to education and sport, which implied over 3000 young people from all over the country. Also, through the international partnerships (15 Erasmus+ projects in Poland, Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Georgia, Portugal, and Romania only in 24 months of activity) we open the doors of knowledge for young people from our association and young people belonging to different nationalities from all areas of the country, to participate in discussions, to develop their will of research, criticism, and initiative.

To continue the activities that we have already developed and to bring alive new initiatives we need your support:


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