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Storify Yourself To Create Togetherness

Storify Yourself To Create Togetherness

Storify Yourself To Create Togetherness!

Project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Partner countries: Romania, Bulgaria, The Republic of North Macedonia, Italy,  Greece, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Cyprus, Lithuania.

Project date: 1-9 June 2021

Venue: Dobrinishte  – Bulgaria

Participants: 30 youth workers (3 participants per country)

Profile of participants: youth workers, leaders, mentors, mediators, facilitators, coaches, active volunteers, who know youth problems, work with disadvantaged groups and are interested in effective instruments for influencing target groups and impact on society.

The aim of the project is to: Increase the quality and effectiveness of youth work by improving the skills of youth workers in the implementation of an innovative complex of instruments for personal development in their work with young people with diverse profiles.


  • Supporting youth workers in rediscovering themselves and their mission, which will make them more motivated and successful in youth work;
  • Increasing their knowledge and skills for implementing innovative complex methods and instruments for personal development (coaching, experiential learning, etc.) of youths in a specific situation and communicating their problems (storytelling);
  • Creating an environment for sharing experience and good practices in youth work, demonstrating a set of instruments and effective methods for personal development, aimed at social inclusion, career development and prevention of marginalization;
  • Encouraging intercultural cooperation and working in a network when searching for solutions for motivating and supporting youths in risk groups.

The project will implement a complex of instruments for personal development, based on learning through experience in nature and in an unfamiliar context and environment, outdoor activities, coaching and storytelling, and a complex, logically consistent approach for their use in youth work in regard to disadvantaged groups.

It is expected to achieve a major direct impact on project participants, who will go through a training process and learn how to use the innovative methodology first on themselves and later on the groups of young people they work with. The aim of the program is for the participants to reach self-discovery and self-devotion, and engage with their personal and professional mission.

Through storytelling, it will be offered participants a method to realize who they are, to keep realizing what they are capable of, through the stories they create, on the basis of real experiences and inner thoughts. The proposed program is ambitious and brave, aiming to achieve a completely different training experience, of extraordinary challenges, which offer new points of view, reaching into the base level of values, from where the inner change will occur, so the participants can find answers to important questions and share moments with others, creating real lasting bonds between them.

Complete information are available in the INFOPACK.