ACTING FOR CHANGE – training course

ACTING FOR CHANGEACTING FOR CHANGE: Forum Theatre in Youth Participation – training course

Welcome to ACTING FOR CHANGE: Forum Theatre in Youth Participation – a transformative training course designed to enhance the skills of youth workers. Our focus is on equipping participants with improvisational and forum theatre methodologies, empowering them to implement high-quality youth activities.


  • Training Course: 21 – 26 March 2024 (activity days)
  • Arrival day: 20 March 2024
  • Departure day: 27 March 2024
  • Place: Târgoviște, Hotel Dâmbovița
  • Participants: 25 youth workers from European Union member states

Covered topics: forum theatre, improvisational theatre, youth inclusion, youth participation, social change, community engagement


The Training course aims to develop the competences of youth workers to use improvisation and forum theatre as a powerful tool to engage and empower young people increasing their participation in community life fostering social change.


  • To explore effective and creative methods in engaging young people and develop their active citizenship skills.
  • To understand improvization and forum theatre techniques as a tool to foster social change.
  • To empower youth workers with forum theatre methodologies in the area of youth participation and engagement.
  • To increase youth participation and involvement in social processes and generate change.
  • To provide space for participants to discuss and share best practices on youth empowerment


The training course will gather together 25 participants (maximum 3 participants per organisation) from Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries.

The course will primarily be aimed at participants over 22 years old (there is no upper age limit), part of an NGO, youth centers, educational institutions who are youth workers. The TC is aimed at youth workers and people who have a professional interest in the field of youth and non-formal education. Participants must also be interested in the topic of youth participation and the forum theater method.

We would especially welcome applications from:

  •  those who have little or no experience in international training courses;
  •  those coming from rural or remote areas;
  •  those working with young people with fewer opportunities, marginalised and disadvantaged groups from socio-economical point of view.


Become a catalyst for positive change! Apply now for an immersive experience in youth participation and forum theatre.