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bullying has become one of the most pressing phenomena

Bullying has become one of the most pressing phenomena

Nowadays, bullying has become one of the most pressing phenomena, especially in the school environment. With a major negative impact on the emotional development and social integration of victims.The phenomen of bullying includes physical violence, threats, teasing, social exclusion that are dangerous for young physical and mental health.

Recent studies

Recent studies suggest that bullying in adolescence can have worse long-term effects on young adult‘s mental health than being subject to maltreatment during childhood. Violence in schools and bullying is one of the strategic priorities of The Council of Europe Strategy on the Rights of the Child. At European level, Romania is on the 3rd place from 42 countries with the highest bullying rate according to World Health Organization. Also, according to the same institution WHO 13% of 11 years old children were bullied twice a month. 12% of children over 13, 15 were bullied twice a month and 78 of young people countered online hate speech. The most affected young people by bullying are disadvantaged young people who face socio-economic, cultural obstacles, young people coming from rural areas and city outskirts, young people belonging to ethic minorities.

Bullying consequences can be devastating on young people future. 44,5% bullied young people end education at secondary level. 9,2% skip school 3-4 days in two weeks. 42,4%feel outsider, 63,9% are anxious. On long term all consequences lead to social isolation, school leaving, depression and suicide thoughts, even to suicide.

In this context was born the project „Stop Bullying”, funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, that will be implemneted in partnership with 5 organizations: Asociatia Be You-Romania – coordinating organization, Youthfully Yours-Slovakia, Stowarzyszenie Sztukater-Poland, European Youth Centre Břeclav-Czech Republic, Pendik Municipality – Turkey.

The aim of our project is to empower young people with human rights, democracy and active citizenship education to act against bullying from both roles, victims and witness and to reduce this phenomenon among young people.

Project objectives:

  • to increasing the level of knowledge about bullying phenomenon, types of bullying and its manifestation;
  • to raise awareness on causes and consequences of bullying and cyberbullying;
  • to equip young people with effective methods, tools based on human rights, democracy and active citizenship education to take action.

The project will be implemented between 02-11 June in Aninoasa, Dambovita.



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